Access Control

The design of an area to physically obstruct or guide access by people and vehicles. This strategy works by deterring access to potential targets of crime. If criminal behavior does occur, the access control makes it easy for legitimate residents to notice and report the crime to police. Examples include deadbolts, alarms, window locks, fences, turnstiles, speed bumps and traffic signs. You can use access control by using a locking mailbox to prevent mail theft.

Natural Surveillance

The design of an area so as to allow visibility by legitimate residents. This strategy works because criminals will not commit crimes in areas where they feel exposed to observers. In the event a crime does occur, there is also a greater chance that it will be witnessed and reported to the police. Examples include windowed stairwells, parking lots visible from the sidewalk and security lighting. You can use natural surveillance by keeping your bushes trimmed lover than 42” and your trees to 7’.

Territorial Reinforcement

The design of an area to clearly show that someone owns the area. It suggests to criminals that a person is present who may see their criminal activity and report it to police. Be enacting territorial reinforcement strategies residents are clearing stating, “This is not public property. Examples include landscaping, lighting, walkways, decorative fencing and signs. You can use territorial reinforcement by placing a small decorative fence around your front yard to separate it from the sidewalk


The basic upkeep, repair, and maintenance of property. Neglected property can create mistreatment by residents while maintained property will elicit proper treatment This strategy directly impacts the fear of crime in a community due to residents’ perceptions of responsibility and caring in the neighborhood. Examples include the immediate removal of graffiti, landscape maintenance, weed abatement and painting worn buildings. You can use maintenance by keeping your property clean, weed-free and repaired.

Anyone can do CPTED

Apartment managers, homeowners, business owners, architects, renters and community members can all make an effort to decrease the chance that crime will occur in Spokane. Using CPTED is as simple as enacting the strategies described in this brochure. ANY effort in a home, business or public place will have an effect on decreasing crime.