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Celebrate downtown’s modern renaissance, explore 2018 initiatives and hear from Roger Brooks, CSP.

Over the past 35 years, Roger Brooks and his team have assisted more than 1,500 communities and travel industry organizations around the world with their branding, product development, and marketing efforts. In the private sector, Roger has worked with businesses including attractions, destination resorts, lodging facilities, retailers, tour operators, and guide services.

As one of the most recognized and frequently quoted experts in the travel industry, Roger has appeared on every major television network and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and in dozens of other media outlets.

A Certified Speaking Professional, Roger’s enthusiasm inspires and empowers audiences to achieve their highest aspirations. He is extraordinarily dynamic and also very funny, combining humorous video clips and fascinating real-life stories, while providing steps, rules and ingredients – bottom line solutions – that every audience member can implement today to make a positive difference tomorrow.


People travel for all kinds of reasons: sports, cultural events, exploring new places, visiting family, business, and all manner of activities. Once they arrive, the top activity of all visitors is shopping, dining and entertainment in a pedestrian-friendly, intimate setting: downtown. In fact, this is where 80% of all non-lodging tourism spending takes place. Many visitors spend their days sightseeing, hiking, skiing, birding, attending local festivals and events or conferences and meetings, as well as other daytime activities.

At the end of the day they are looking for places to spend additional time – and money. Seventy percent of ALL consumer retail spending now takes place after 6:00 pm. Visitors tend to spend the night where there are activities after 6:00, and overnight visitors spend nearly four times that of day visitors. Active downtowns are more important than ever.

In this fast-paced, entertaining TED-style talk, you’ll see why downtowns are back and what’s leading this renaissance. You’ll learn how the demographic shift is reshaping American cities, and how the five key ingredients to a vibrant, successful downtown can help your downtown become an amazing destination in its own right.

Doors open: 3:45pm | After party: 5:00pm

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