About This Event

It’s Zag time! We enjoyed hosting UW Husky Alfredo Arreguin and Eastern Eagle Ruben Trejo lately. Now it’s time to host a Gonzaga University Zag!

WHAT: Jim’s brought a bunch of fresh, huge, attract work to share. You may remember his massive pieces from his 2016 or 2017 shows. You loved ’em! Veraci Pizza loved one so much that it’s permanently there (check it out – they’re across the street and down the block).

MORE INFO: Many of our artists’ work has been representational and we love that, but it’s also great to see abstract work: work that YOU can put your own ideas into. Abstract art doesn’t tell you what to think: you can think for yourself!

WHY ELSE: Our newest neighbor, Maryhill Winery just opened. Solace Mead & Cider opened awhile back. Great excuse to visit both of those em. Never been to Boutique Bleu, our new women’s clothing boutique? Friday is a great day for that! Core Pilates, Solace, and William Grant Gallery & Framing all host artists as well. Why not have a glass of wine at Craftsman Cellars while you check out their artist? Of course, Brainfreeze Ice Creamery, Central Food, Veraci Pizza, Wandering Table, Nectar Wine & Beer, will all be happy to see you, too!

MORE: Veraci Pizza, on the house!

MORE: Kids are always welcome.

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