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Warm and Cozy, bright and clear.
Jaquetta Holcomb has been teaching knitting and fiber related arts her entire life with a Home Economics degree from Iowa State providing a good foundation. She learned to hand spin yarn in the early 1990’s. A typical day finds her at home in Spokane Valley, washing locally grown wool, and then immersing it into roasters of colorful dyes, then hand spinning it on her Louet spinning wheel. Her minimal processing helps preserve the original beauty of the fiber and keeps the colors distinct. Her yarns can be found in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene art festivals, Kootenai county farmers market and on her website www.GardenPartyFibers.com. And ETSY shop.
“The fiber I use is from locally grown sheep, alpaca and angora goats. I wash, dye, and spin these fibers into one of kind rustic yarns. Every step of the yarn creation is an adventure. Every color has a story. I look out over the north Idaho mountains. As I spin I watch the sky. Sunrise to sunset, cloudy and clear skies the view is always amazing. Especially exciting is to see what you create with my yarns. ENJOY!”

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