About This Event

For SATURATE, the city-wide month-long celebration of color and diversity in the arts, Avenue West Gallery showcases “Paper!”, the work of Patti Reiko Osebold. Patti was one of three artists of Japanese descent who, over fifteen years ago, were among the founding members of the Avenue West Gallery co-operative. The gallery wishes to pay tribute to their influence. Christine Owens is our guest artist with “Creating Beauty.” The artist’s reception is First Friday, April 5, from 5 to 8 pm at Avenue West Gallery, 907 W Boone, Suite C..

Patti Reiko Osebold considers paper a very versatile medium and uses it in origami, collage and Japanese paper dolls Her collages includ origami in a stylistic pattern with varying kinds of paper. Japanese paper dolls have a history going back hundreds of years. Patti had been making sculptural Japanese style dolls out of paper, but now sculpts her doll bodies out of a clay made in Japan and then dresses them in hand-made paper. She has been involved in the Spokane art scene for some time Her work has been shown at multiple venues and events including Yuletide and The Little Spokane River Studio Tour.
Born in Sun Valley, Idaho, Christine Owens says she’s lived a gypsy life in Idaho and Utah, landing in Coeur d’Alene with her husband and son in 1978. In 1990 she began her 20-year career sharing her knowledge and passion as an art teacher. She now travels, photographs nature and translates what she sees into bright and colorful oil paintings. According to Christine “her colors burst forth from her Spirit, sometimes in a contemporary style, sometimes in a surrealist style, revealing both inner joy and complexity. I am simply a conduit. I paint the brilliance of nature.”

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