About This Event

Olivia Evans graduated with her BFA in Studio Art from Eastern Washington University, with a minor in Film. Her work is heavily influenced by meditation and the subconscious, the misinterpretation of memory, natural environments, motherhood, and social events. Using representations of the female body with its struggles, triumphs, and beauty over its limitations to present personal, family, and cultural experiences. Olivia intertwines traditional and digital media to create narratives of the self.

Views at 5’9” is an exhibition that invites the audience through the eyes of the artist. Leaving room for mystery, personal experiences in different environments are captured. Meditation, nature, form, and motherhood are strong elements within. There are a variety of mediums used, which are digital media, color pencil, ink, and photograms. The Gentle Giant series consists of digitally collaged photographs that present a keyhole into the personal experiences and environments of the capturer. Another series titled Curiosity, invites viewers into a child-like state of wonder. Observing the artist’s daughter in the moment of a new life experience. The series You vs. the Brain illustrates in color pencil past experiences, compilations of nature and the self, and imagery of the brain. Past experiences and memories are vital elements that piece together an individual in their own unique way. These elements carry throughout their life and are deeply embedded. Experiences control the way they react, judge and adjust to situations.

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