About This Event

We built this city on 3on3 and it is the strength of our community that provides the foundation. Whether you are a player, a volunteer or a fan, Spokane Hoopfest has a place for you to enjoy the energy of over 14,000 games played throughout the weekend. The sights, the sounds, the competition, the laughter, the tears, the reunion of friends and family and the making of new friends and teammates; few things capture the heart of a community and even fewer have become a movement like Spokane Hoopfest.

With the effort and enthusiasm of our staff and thousands of volunteers, Spokane Hoopfest Association produces year-after-year the world-renowned 3on3 outdoor basketball tournament. Paired with a dynamic downtown festival, Spokane Hoopfest transcends basketball through the celebration of athleticism, fair play and community involvement.

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