About This Event

“The Flow” acrylics by Carol Schmauder will be featured during May at Avenue West Gallery.
The guest is photographer Pete Canfield. The artist’s reception is First Friday, May 3, from 5 to 8 pm at Avenue West Gallery, 907 W Boone, Suite C.

Schmauder, a Spokane native, is best known for her watercolors and jewelry but more recently has been working primarily in acrylic. Earlier in April she conducted a successful pour acrylics class at Avenue West. She says “Painting brings peace to my soul. I love the flow of the paint beneath my brush and the joy of seeing the image emerge on the paper. “

Pete Canfield landed in Spokane from California “by way of the rest of the country”. He developed an interest in photography as a teenager which was further strengthened during an Army tour when he I was a stringer for the post newspaper. After my discharge. He then studied Photography and Television Production at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. Canfield says “. Although the processes may have changed, and I no longer develop my film in the dark room, the art remains the same….”:

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