The Ratepayer Board of Directors sets policy and determines how BID resources are spent to improve the economic capacity of Downtown through the provisions of enhanced municipal services in the areas of cleanliness, safety, promotions, marketing, and transportation. Your expertise and participation can help guide the BID to continue providing a high level of service and maintain the positive revitalization momentum underway in Downtown Spokane.

The Ratepayer Advisory Board represents a diverse array of business interest within the BID. As such, each seat represents a different Downtown contingency.

The following seats are available representing:

  • Zone 5
  • Professional Service Business (Finance or Accounting encouraged)

The following seats are up for renewal of existing board members representing:

Second Term

  • Property Owner/Mgr: Thomas Hix
  • Property Owner/Mgr: Ron White
  • Residential: Jeremy Tangen

Third Term

  • Zone 1: Attorney: Michael Paukert
  • Zone 4: Stephanie Curran
  • Zone 6: Jon Moog
  • Professional Service Business, Financial: Erica Mostek

Business Improvement District boundaries