About This Series


SAM is available to artists and crafters who are selling original works created by the applying artist. Multi-level sales and franchise sellers will not be considered for participation. Examples of acceptable handmade and original wares:

  • Painting
  • Ceramics
  • Digital Art
  • Drawing
  • Glass
  • Metal Works
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Wood
  • Jewelry
  • Fiber arts


Space is limited to 10 booths per Sunday. Interested artists and artisans should complete the online form, and provide photos of the intended product. If approved you will receive an email with your approved date(s) and instructions. Applicants will be reviewed and approved on a first come first served basis.

We consider the following:

  • Quality of work.
  • Are there similar artists already participating?
  • Strength of reputation. Does your participation encourage other artists to participate? Do you have a following?


Downtown Spokane is tasked with creating an open and vibrant place in the downtown core. Art and the enjoyment of art is essential in showcasing creativity and diversity of community.

This event is designed to:

  • Create a positive image of Downtown Spokane, and enhance the community at large;
  • Support local artists and craftspeople; and
  • Expose adults and children to a wide array of fine art, hand-made crafts, and engaging art education opportunities.


While selling of items is encouraged the primary goal of Art Mart is to showcase artists at work and build collaboration among local artists and crafters. It is preferred that whenever possible participants be creating throughout the event and engage with fellow exhibiters and visitors.

In its first year, Downtown Spokane cannot guarantee attendance or sales. This is a pilot program to determine the need and interest for this type of offering.

There is no cost to participate in 2019, however, with anticipated future growth, there may be a small fee to participate. In the future, preference will be given to those who participate in the pilot program.

Limited power is available on site. Please note any power needs in your application.


  • The location of SAM is a public space open to the entire community. Downtown Spokane reserves the right to remove an artist displaying items which may be sensitive in nature and not appropriate for younger audiences.
  • Downtown Spokane will provide a 10’ x 10’ tent space, chair, and promotion. Participating artists must bring their own tables, easels or displays.
  • Participants must come prepared with a reasonable number of items to be made available for sale OR the intention of creating on demand.
  • Each artist is responsible for their own sales and should come prepared with a mobile point of sale processor or appropriate cash change.
  • Those who live and work in Washington State who gross over $12,000 a year from art-making activities or generate income from the retail sale of their art must obtain a business license from the state. If you are selling art as a business, you must have a business license through the City of Spokane. Exhibitors falling into either of these categories must provide Downtown Spokane with business license numbers.
  • Set-up should be complete by 11:45am and tear down should not happen before 4:00pm.
  • Downtown Spokane will not be responsible for any damage or loss of Art Work.
  • Artists are expected to stay with their booth during the duration of the event. Downtown Spokane will have staff on hand to watch your booth for a duration not to exceed fifteen minutes.
  • Parking is prohibited on Wall Street during the event. On-street parking is free in downtown Spokane on Sundays. Exhibitors are responsible for their own parking.
  • Cancellations should happen by noon the previous day (12:00pm Saturday). Late cancellations and no-shows without reasonable cause will be banned from future participation in the Sunday Art Mart.

If you have any questions please call Downtown Spokane at 509.456.0580 X-102 or email lizh@downtownspokane.net.


Past Events

  • Friday, Jun 7 / 7:00pm

    First Friday - Willow Rosales

    About the artist:

    My work as an individual artist is printmaking, which is an umbrella term for carving an image onto a surface, rolling ink across that surface, and creating replicas of that image by utilizing a printing press. I discovered my passion for printmaking at Western Washington University my sophomore year in college. During an initial Introduction to Printmaking course I experimented with a variety of printmaking processes, like carving into zinc, linoleum, and wood. Thus, I learned that I am drawn to the technical skills that are pertinent to becoming an established printmaker.

    Recently not having a printing press has given me the opportunity to focus, explore and develop techniques within relief printmaking as well as carving into linoleum and hand pressing my images. I am currently most drawn to this technique. However, there really is not one part of printmaking that is more stimulating than the other. The entire development from designing the image, placing it on the surface, to carving, and inking, intrigues me.

  • Friday, Jul 5 / 5:00pm

    Cryptids, A Print Portfolio Exchange

    The Cryptid Prints is a show that brings together ten Spokane area print artists and will illustrate the talent residing and producing work in Spokane. Artists include Thom Caraway, Ethan Coy, Brian Deemi, Derrick Freeland, Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, Dustin Hall, Tiffany Patterson, Kameron Simpson, Bethany Taylor, and Ashley Rae Vaughn.

    Seeking to “proof” the existence of creatures from the American folklore, artists were asked to re-interpret a cryptid from a sketch designed by another participant. The exhibition shows the vision of 10 artists based in Spokane and Idaho, illustrating the unknown and occult world of cryptids whose existence is unsubstantiated. Inexplicable and magical events find a new form through the force of traditional and experimental printmaking processes, developing visual narratives of these unseen specimens in the mind of the participant artists and viewers.

  • Friday, Aug 2 / 5:00pm

    Britany Trambitas First Friday art showing

    Come hang out and have a drink with me at my very first solo First Friday Event! I’ll be downtown at Andy’s Bar and Grill from 5:15pm to 8:30pm Friday, August 2nd. My work will hang at Andy’s all through the month of August! I greatly appreciate the support, and I hope to see you there!