About This Series

Learn how to use the Buxton Scout Analytics Platform to grow or start your business in the following ways:

  • Learn exactly who your existing and potential customers are and how to best market to them;
  • Determine the best site for your new or relocated business;
  • Minimize your risk by learning how to make informed confident decisions around the inventory and services your business offers; and
  • Better understand retail and service leakage for the Spokane trade area.

Buxton Scout is an ongoing service offered free of charge to businesses and Downtown Spokane Ratepayers to help grow their companies. Get started in three easy steps:

  • Find and attend an informational session listed below
  • Attend a 2-hour training at Level Up inside the Downtown Library
  • Research at your own pace from the office or home with a temporary passcode provided by the DSP; or log-on at LevelUp inside the Downtown Library