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Lush has created perfect at-home tips, for an evening routine, featuring some of their favorite ways to restore a sense of calm, when you need it most.

Step 1:

Go for a soak with Twilight Bath Bomb, or lather up with Sleepy Shower Gel-both filled with the Lush classic lavender-tonka scent.

Step 2:

Give your mind something else to focus on: turn on a relaxing playlist or get immersed in your favorite book.

Step 3:

Soften your limbs with Sleepy Body Lotion, then get sweet slumbers by misting some Twighlight Body Spray on your sheets.

Treat yourself to the Lush Sleepy Collection, and Twilight Bath Bomb. Follow https://www.lushusa.com/ for products and information.



Since 1996, we’ve been serving up the best fizz in the biz. Our bath, body and skincare products are all made with ethically-sourced ingredients to benefit both mind, body and the environment.

We’re proud to say that we invented the bath bomb all the way back in 1989 and continue to innovate and create products for the bath, shower, body, face and hair. We’ve got bath bombs, solid shampoo bars, luxury bar soaps, bath oils, bubble bars, henna hair dyes and much more!

Plus, you can always find the perfect gift set for anyone on your list.

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