About This Place

The Night Tempus was Conceived: The final show of Bob Dylan's 2001 European Tour in Taormina, Sicily was held in a 2,000 year old Greek amphitheater. 

Winemaker Joe Forest had been following the tour across Europe, but this day was special, an attack on the senses. A strong sulfur smell emanated from Mount Etna, while a cool breeze blowing in off the Mediterranean moderated the summer heat.

While at dinner before the show in the Piazza IX Aprile, Joe had an out-of-body experience as he looked across a sea of tables with a bottle of wine on each one. That was the instant he knew he wanted to be a winemaker. The show that followed was the greatest musical experience of his life, but it was that moment in the Piazza that began his journey as a winemaker.