The DSP Board of Directors governs the DSP staff and provides oversight to the program management of the Downtown Spokane Parking and Business Improvement District. The Board consists of up to 30 directors who are appointed by the DSP Board itself to direct the policies and operations of the organization. The Board’s primary role is to assure that the DSP resources are directed in ways that protect and advance the Downtown interests and its role in the region.

Call for Applications

The general qualifications demonstrated by a director include:

  • Values consistent with the DSP vision and mission.
  • Ability to govern a growing and increasingly more complex organization.
  • Business and community leadership.
  • Willingness to serve.
  • Ability to meet project time commitment.
  • Capacity for attention to the organization.
  • Ability to collaboratively participate in group decision making and governing discernment.
  • Clear objectivity – with an ability to vote with the DSP’s best interest in mind.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Integrity and strong business ethics