About This Event

The Lilac Grand Prix is the premier Indoor Track and Field meet in the western United States.

Join us for the west coast’s world class indoor track meet! A grand display of high stakes racing will take place at The Podium Powered by STCU on January 27th at 6:15 PM. Lilac Grand Prix is a World Athletics Silver Level Meet hosted by the Nike Union Athletics Club and sponsored by Spokane Sports. This middle-distance focused event will host the best athletes on the continent as the compete for world standings at the best track in the country.

Taking place at The Podium in Spokane, WA, this year it will be part of the World Athletics Indoor Tour as a Silver Level competition- one of 3 World Indoor Tour events in North America and the first of the indoor season. The broadcast and in-arena show will be produced by Tracklandia and will showcase competition between the world’s top teams and athletes as they aim for the fastest marks and most notable performances in the world.

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