About This Event

On November 12 the Downtown Spokane Partnership will host its first of a series of virtual, 30-minute question and answer sessions with local industry experts on the most pressing topics of the day. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom, and free to attend.
Featured will be Kristi Gotzian, Advertising Directing at The Inlander. Kristi will be sharing her tips and insights on best practices of advertising your business, and cover the options and methods available to you.
This session has concluded. To see a full recording of the session, click here.

About Kristi:

All great cities have vibrant downtowns. The core, or heartbeat, of any community is that place in the center – the one that is accessible to all, that can be claimed by anyone as their own. A vibrant downtown has always been an important player in Kristi’s career. Her first job was working in the Nordstrom Cafe during high school, and then returned to Nordstrom as a young adult. Her Nordstrom career evolved as she stepped into sales, management and finally, human resources. “It was a great education in the ways of business, customer service and in building an entrepreneurial mindset.”

KXLY was next for Kristi where she spent 13 years in sales and sales management in radio. There she honed her marketing skills and worked as an advocate and marketing consultant for small businesses in every category. “Helping small businesses grow in my community is both a privilege and addictive.”

Kristi left KXLY to form Coeur Consulting, a business and executive coaching firm that continued to support growth in small business, but on a deeper level.

Her work eventually led her to the Inlander. In 2013, inspired by Inlander’s ability to bring the Inland Northwest’s culinary scene together to produce Spokane’s first restaurant week (now Inlander Restaurant Week) Kristi joined the leadership team. “My opportunity at the Inlander has allowed me to support the people behind the growth and cultural development of our region.” She is looking forward to a robust post-Covid economy and is relentlessly optimistic about the growth of our region.

Kristi is a lifelong resident of Spokane.


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