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The Downtown Spokane Partnership is proud to present “30 Minutes With:”, a recurring series of virtual, 30-minute question and answer sessions with local industry experts on the most pressing topics of the day. Sessions are hosted on Zoom, and free to attend.

In this session, Pia Hallenberg, Chair of the Riverside Neighborhood Council, will discuss how business and property owners can benefit from engaging with their local community and neighborhood.

This session has concluded. To watch a recording, click the button below.


Pia’s Bio:

Pia Hallenberg worked as a reporter in Spokane for 20 years, spending 13 with The Spokesman-Review. After a couple of years in development with the Spokane Humane Society, she started her own PR and writing company – Content by Pia – during the COVID summer of 2020.
Today she writes extensively about cybersecurity for the California-based software company, Reciprocity, and she writes national marketing content for Boston-based Wordsmithie. Locally, she does PR and marketing writing for Avista.

For the last three years, Pia has been the chair of the Riverside Neighborhood Council and a certified C.O.P.S. volunteer. She shepherded the neighborhood council online to Zoom meetings, through the COVID shutdown, and continues to work as a community organizer for downtown Spokane residents.
Come early 2022, she will be moving her office to the Paulsen Building where she will continue to share a space with Weathers & Associates.

Born and raised in Denmark, Pia has lived in Spokane since 1993, and lived and worked in downtown Spokane since 2000.

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