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American rock quintet 311 fuses reggae, hip-hop, funk, and metal in a rhythmic hybrid blend that carried them from the rap-rock boom of the ’90s and into the 2000s as veteran mainstays with a fiercely devoted fan base. Following their breakthrough efforts 311 (1995) and Transistor (1997) — which yielded hit singles “Down,” “All Mixed Up,” and “Beautiful Disaster” — the quintet issued a string of Top 10 albums over the next few decades, including 2009 chart peak Uplifter, and found mainstream radio success with crossover hits “Amber” and a cover of the Cure‘s “Love Song.” Into the 2010s, 311 stuck to their tried-and-true formula, serving their diehard following reliable output that included 2014’s U.S. Alternative chart-topper Stereolithic.

A Los Angeles alt-rock combo with a fondness for shoegaze and early-’90s emo, Teenage Wrist made their album debut in 2018 with hard-driving Chrome Neon Jesus on Epitaph. Following a lineup change, the group re-emerged in 2021 with a follow-up LP, Earth Is a Black Hole.

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