About This Event

8th annual group invitational of drinking vessels. A celebration exhibit of over 150 ceramic cups; ceramic cups in many forms, colors and treatments serving as mini sculpture, many times a small lovely 3 D paintings and most often functional. Forty invited artists will participate including thirteen new artists. Each of the invited artists are sending up to four cup forms each to exhibit. The cups are being shipped from across the United States, including Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Florida. Don’t miss this holiday gift giving season at Trackside, support our locally owned businesses, support the arts, buy and gift hand made!


Participants: (Labeled in Red are new artists to our event:) Chris Alveshere – Missoula, MT, Sarah Anderson – Indianapolis, IN, Posey Bacopoulos – New York, NY, Robert Beishline – Bellingham, WA, Autumn Bunton – Spokane, WA, Victoria Christen – Portland, OR, Katy Crandall – Tacoma, WA, Harris Deller – Carbondale, IL, Gina Freuen – Spokane, WA, Kathy Gus – Ellensburg, WA, Samantha Hostert – Arlington Heights, IL, Jordan Jones – Freeland, WA, Brian Joyce – Spokane, WA, Chris Kelsey – Spokane, WA, Chris Kroupa – Curlew, WA, Justin Lambert – Morrison, CO, Glynnis Lessing – Northfield, Minnesota, Sarah Magar – Libby, MT, Will McComb – Lexington, KY, Marret Metzger – Indianapolis, IN, Mark Moore – Spokane, WA, Mardis Nenno – Spokane, WA, Tybre Newcomer – Spokane, WA, Reid Ozaki – Tacoma, WA, Ronan Kyle Peterson – Chapel Hill, NC, Chris Pickett – Pocatello, Idaho, Aubrey Purdy Rude – Spokane, WA, Stephen Robison – Ellensburg, WA, Mat Rude – Spokane, WA, Maya Rumsey – Couer d’Alene, ID, Kristin Schoonover – Asheville, NC, Sam Scott – Shoreline, WA, Dennis Randall Smith – Medical Lake, WA, Chad Steve – Tequesta, Florida, Brandon Stolicny – Collinsville, CT, Ken Turner – Seattle, WA, Elena Wendelyn – Poulsbo, WA, Emily Free Wilson – Gardner, Oregon, Meghan Yarnell – Perrysburg, Ohio, Tony Young – Marion, OH

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