About This Event

TwoWineyBitches TastingRoom/Bistro/Gallery is honored to display the exceptional art works of Jorden HeidaI for the full month of April.
A note from Jorden:
“I am a self taught visual artist born and raised in Spokane. My work primarily focuses on bold abstract designs using bright colors, tiny detail, and mixed media. I’m here to tell a story. Each color, each design, and each brush stroke are an expression of emotion. Seeing emotion in visual form allows each piece to be its own experience for both myself and my audience. I call myself an avid camper, a hiker, an animal lover, and an adventure artist. I often gather much of my color and inspiration out in the wilderness and I love bringing those to life on canvas. I am outdoors and camping most weekends, and love spending time with my partner and our dogs June and Gus.

Jorden’s beautiful one-of-a-kind art radiates with feeling of the Great North West. Come to the TwoWineyBitches Tasting Room and experience her vibrant works, sip our unique wines & savor the delectable offerings of Chef Franc! Month of April.
107 S Madison St, Spokane WA 99201 509 808 2526
Go take a peek at her Website : https://www.jordenheidal.com

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