About This Event

The Cryptid Prints is a show that brings together ten Spokane area print artists and will illustrate the talent residing and producing work in Spokane. Artists include Thom Caraway, Ethan Coy, Brian Deemi, Derrick Freeland, Reinaldo Gil Zambrano, Dustin Hall, Tiffany Patterson, Kameron Simpson, Bethany Taylor, and Ashley Rae Vaughn.

Seeking to “proof” the existence of creatures from the American folklore, artists were asked to re-interpret a cryptid from a sketch designed by another participant. The exhibition shows the vision of 10 artists based in Spokane and Idaho, illustrating the unknown and occult world of cryptids whose existence is unsubstantiated. Inexplicable and magical events find a new form through the force of traditional and experimental printmaking processes, developing visual narratives of these unseen specimens in the mind of the participant artists and viewers.

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