About This Event

Oil paintings by Kurt Carlson
Cybernetics: “The art of creating equilibrium in a world of constraints and possibilities” – Ernst von Glaserfeld
“I have been making art since I was very young. For me, Art is a path of self-discovery, through study, experimentation, and expressive action which manifest itself as drawing, painting, metalwork, or sculpture.
I paint abstracts, figurative works, and landscapes. The abstract paintings are the result of responding to what the painting seems to be calling for while attempting to minimize use of recognizable images. Figurative works and landscapes are planned and sketched prior to painting.
Abstract paintings require me to let go of my expectations for a certain outcome and to respond to each change as the painting evolves. The outcome always surprises me.
My hope is that my painting will serve as an icon into the viewer’s own well of experience and that in engaging with the art they may be enriched in some way.” – Kurt

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