About This Event

Downtown Dialogues is a resource for the business community to come together and discuss important topics related to downtown.

This unique forum will feature general election candidates for all major races in Spokane, including candidates for Spokane City Council, Council President, and Mayor. This forum offers a chance to hear from all the final candidates in one place, providing a venue for each candidate to offer their vision and demonstrate a deep understanding of downtown.

Moderated by KHQ’s Kalae Chock & Matt Rogers

The following candidates are confirmed to participate in the forum:


  • Ben Stuckart
  • Nadine Woodward

Spokane City Council

Council President

  • Breean L. Beggs
  • Cindy Wendle

District 1

  • Michael Cathcart
  • Tim Benn

District 2

  • Lori Kinnear
  • Tony Kiepe

District 3

  • Karen J. Stratton
  • Andy Rathbun

Learn | Gain a better understanding of the initiatives taking place around us

Identify | Uncover opportunities together that can enhance downtown or address the challenges we face

Engage | Discover meaningful ways each of us can get involved in making a difference.

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