About This Event

DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition features over 400 items, including rare and never-seen-before material from DreamWorks’ archive, including concept drawings, storyboards, models, masks, maps, photographs, posters, paintings, and other original artworks from their much-loved animated classics. Visitors will take a fascinating journey from original sketches of grumpy ogres and friendly dragons, to the amazing stories and worlds brought to the screen by DreamWorks’ award-winning artists.

The exhibition is divided into four key areas: Character, Story, World and the Drawing Room. The first three chart the creative journey from idea to finished film, exploring how stories evolve and how believable imaginary worlds are created. The Drawing Room houses the popular Animation Desk digital kiosks, allowing visitors to make their own hand-drawn, animated movie sequence on software developed by DreamWorks for their own animators.

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