About This Event

We are extremely excited and grateful to announce Amy Tan as our next Visiting Writer! Amy Tan is an American writer whose works explore mother-daughter relationships. Her best-known work is “The Joy Luck Club,” which has been translated into 35 languages. In 1993, the book was adapted into a commercially successful film. Tan has written several other bestselling novels, including “The Kitchen God’s Wife,” “The Hundred Secret Senses,” “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” and “Saving Fish from Drowning.” She also wrote a collection of non-fiction essays entitled “The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings.” In addition to these, Tan has written two children’s books: “The Moon Lady” and “Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat,” which was turned into an animated series which aired on PBS. She also appeared on PBS in a short spot encouraging children to write. Tan is also in a band with several other well-known writers, the Rock Bottom Remainders.

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