About This Event

Join all four of our Fall 2020 Laboratory residents, as they wrap up their 2 month long residency and showcase their final projects.
Alexys Preston

Title: Hyper Cello

HyperCello; a hybrid electric cello outfitted with multiple sensors, knobs, and buttons that allow for interaction and manipulation of sound while performing. Via projection mapping software and various sensors, the performer can also control visuals to be directly projected on the instrument. Best experienced using a 360 surround sound system for a fully immersive sonic experience.

Tuang T

Title: Symbiotic Musical Chords

“Symbiotic Musical Chords” is a real-time interactive sound synthesizer in a form of an online website consisted of customized software that uses multiple lexicons and produces a music-like audio with an animal’s sound.

The project’s system collects tweets from the selected Twitter topic and matches with multiple customized lexicons to generate synthesized sounds in real time, based on the most influential emotions description of western musical chords written by Christian Schubert. The system examines and interprets emotions of each tweet around the world about environmental issues, then projects the result as an emotional animal sound. The audiences can experience the “Symbiotic Musical Chords” using the Internet browser, and are encouraged to participate to synthesize this music by using the actual Twitter. “Symbiotic Musical Chords” is an experimental and creative innovation using open-source data on the Internet to ignite conversation about environmental issue

Avatar Lilith

Title: Aether Complex

Aether Complex outlines the phenomenologically passive nature of a virtual 3D object and elicits a conversation of who is in control, who is being controlled, and who gets to make decisions about these dynamic bodies? My virtual body, Avatar Lilith is a tool of research, a performer, and an agent of action. For Part 1, I will release 3D rendered videos of Avatar Lilith performing and speaking into the camera. I will also iterate on my Kinect motion capture system, rigging different types of objects in relationship to my body. As Part 2, I will perform a half hour long live video feed audiovisual performance where I interact with my Avatar exploring the relationship of both bodies as sites of information and corporate corporeal commodity.

Chrissy Brimmage

Title: A place for us to grieve

“A place for us to grieve” is an interactive, virtual reality world built for Black people to gather and collectively grieve. Ideated during a time of mounting trauma, surveillance, and physical isolation, the project explores what making a safe space for Black community healing online can look and feel like, how to support the full breadth of collective Black grieving in digital space, and translating generational material grieving practices into the digital realm.

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