About This Event


It’s First Friday time!

First Friday is one of the best things about Spokane. We hope you get out and see a bunch of different First Friday shows.

There are all kinds of venues showing all kinds of artists.

There’s a place for every taste and skill level.

If you’re looking for some stunning art from award-winning artists then Marmot is the place for you!

This just in! Our December show will feature BIG works.

We know that our fans are big thinkers – and they deserve nothing less than big pieces.

Those who aren’t big thinkers are big feelers – and they deserve big pieces, too!

Excited to see those big brains and big hearts this First Friday.

We’ll feature work by many of our artists who also have work in the Smithsonian – as well as a few who don’t: YET!

Come say, “Hi!” to everyone this First Friday, Dec, 5-8pm, at Marmot Art Space. Doors open at 5 PM!

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