About This Event

This is another, Spokane debut!

Gabe has worked his way up the ranks for decades. Now he shows only at blue-chip galleries on the West Coast. But we got him to come to Spokane to show at Marmot!

He’s bringing nearly two dozen new pieces!

What is Oregon’s PBS station have to say about Gabe? “Some of Fernandez’s work aims to evoke a sense of positivity and nostalgia by taking inspiration from the past. Recently, he’s been fascinated with vintage toys and collectibles.” Do a quick search to find the full video that features Gabe.

We think all of the artists that we show at Marmot are amazing, but Gabe has got to be the “coolest“. People love, love, love his work. You’re gonna love it, too!

Where: Marmot Art Space in Kendall Yards.

When: First Friday, July 7th, 5-8pm.

Stay tuned to social media for updates.

Also, please pay attention to our website MarmotArtSpace.Com where we’ll also have plenty of surprises.

You’re going to love Gabe! And we’ve never shown any work quite like this!

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