About This Event

Gleason Fest is an annual music festival inspired by Spokane native, Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2011. All proceeds benefit the Gleason Initiative Foundation mission of providing life-improving technology and services to those afflicted with ALS and create global awareness for the disease.

Steve’s intention for the festival is to not only raise funds and create awareness, but to celebrate life, family, and friends, wrapped around great live music. Gleason Fest is now in its seventh year and held at the Lilac Bowl Amphitheatre in Riverfront Park.

Gleason Fest benefits The Gleason Initiative Foundation (Team Gleason).

  1. Help provide individuals with neuromuscular diseases or injuries with leading edge technology, equipment and services.
  2. Create a global conversation about ALS to ultimately find solutions and an end to the disease.
  3. Raise public awareness toward ALS by providing and documenting extraordinary life adventures for individuals with muscular diseases or injuries.


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