About This Event

It’s First Friday time!

First Friday is one of the best things about Spokane. We hope you get out and see a bunch of different First Friday shows. There are all kinds of venues showing all kinds of artists.

There’s a place for every taste and skill level. If you’re looking for some stunning art from award-winning professionals, then Marmot is the place for you!

We are super excited to bring back local art professor Gordon Wilson, who just retired! Gordon has taught art for 50 years, 46 of them out at Whitworth. Luckily, while he retired from teaching, he’s not retiring from painting. Matter of fact, he’s spending even more time painting, which is great for the Spokane art scene – and Marmot visitors!

Gordon has been focused on painting for over 50 years. Every day, all day long, he’s been either painting, thinking about painting, or leading classes on painting. Can you imagine how good you’d get if you dedicated a half century to something? You’d get really, really good. Gordon is really, really good.

Of course Gordon wouldn’t say that about himself. But we will!

Check out Gordon’s feature article in the The Spokesman-Review for more information about Gordon’s career and life experiences.

We will be showing nearly two dozen new pieces. First Friday will be not just an excellent opportunity to see new work, but also an excellent opportunity to thank Gordon for his service to our community.

Gordon is a great guy. Come say, “Hi!” to him this First Friday, Sept 1st, 5-8pm, at Marmot Art Space. Doors open at 5 PM!

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