About This Event

Shiki Hibachi Sushi, renowned for its authentic Japanese cuisine and enchanting dining experiences, is thrilled to announce the grand opening of its fifth location in the heart of downtown Spokane. Founded by sushi aficionado Leon Chi, Shiki has become a beloved restaurant brand celebrated for its exquisite sushi creations and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The grand opening celebration will take place on August 10, on the main floor of River Park Square, starting with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:45am.

Leon Chi’s passion for the art of sushi-making and his dedication to crafting exceptional dishes led him on a remarkable culinary journey. After finding his perfect haven in the Inland Northwest, he opened the first Shiki location in Walla Walla in 2015. The overwhelming response from patrons inspired the opening of subsequent locations, with Spokane being the latest addition to the growing family of Shiki restaurants.

To mark the special occasion, Shiki will be offering an exclusive 15% discount on all dining experiences throughout the day and hosting exciting giveaways with fantastic prizes for its customers.

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