About This Event

Calling all witches and wizards! Join us for a magical night full of Harry Potter themed painting and activities that no muggle has seen before! THIS IS THE FINAL HARRY POTTERY EVENT OF THE YEAR. We hope to see you here!

Come join us for FIRST FRIDAY Polka Dot Pottery HARRY POTTERY EVENT! We will have a magical night of painting and activities! Reserve your seat for only $10. Once sorted into your house, you will be able to choose and purchase pottery pieces you would like to paint.

We will offer limited edition and themed pottery ranging from $15-$75. Remember it’s the piece that chooses the wizard so choose Weasley…oh we meant wisely. Prior to the event we will send you an invitation to pre purchase your pottery. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can secure the pottery that you want to paint. Pottery available on the event day may not include all pieces as they can and do sell out.

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