About This Event

When rapper Trippie Redd, aka Michael Lamar White IV, gets in front of an audience, it’s less a performance and more a raw, unbridled parade of emotions. He reaches deep down to access his most intense feelings and share them with his audience. The passion, hatred, hope, mistrust, joy, sadness, anger, and love in his heart is laid bare for all to see. And of course, in the process, he trots out tunes that went viral and made him a million-selling artist before he was out of his teens, including such crowd-pleasers as “Love Scars,” “Dark Knight Dummo,” and “Taking a Walk.” With a sound that blends hip-hop flow, R&B grooves, and moody alt-rock atmosphere, Trippie Redd is able to attract audiences from across the genre spectrum. He delivers a show full of urgency, intensity, and a visceral dose of street reality as it is experienced in America today.

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