About This Event

Join local artist Ian Kelley and Liberty Ciderworks for an evening of cider sipping and art perusing.

Friday, July 1st, 4-9 PM

Ian’s work will be displayed at Liberty Ciderworks through the month of July.

My name is Ian Kelley and I am a visual designer and artist living in Spokane. My art is graphic in style and illustrative in nature, full of silhouettes and color that elicit strong emotional responses in their depictions of bygone days and fabled realms.

Through emotive minimalism, my goal is to provide enough narrative to draw you in without telling the whole story. At that point, you are encouraged to rely on your past experiences and imagination to story-tell, choosing your own adventure in these liminal but somehow familiar scenes.

My illustrations often explore the beauty, magic, and mystery that inhabit the dark woods and deep forests. I hope you find as much joy in these spaces as I do, and meditate on the dichotomies “The Woods” represent: mystery and pleasure, relaxation and suspense, the fabled wild and the wild unknown.

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