About This Event

This class is for lawyers, paralegals, and law students who are interested in learning how improv can help them tell compelling stories. Improvisation and storytelling go hand in hand. This is also true for the practicing lawyer. The strength of your story, both in its content and presentation, is critical. The goal of the course is to give participants the power to not only refine a story for presentation, but also how to discover that story in the first place. This class will focus on storytelling by introducing concepts of Yes/And, If/Then, Listening, Observation, Exploration Through Character, and other elements for practical application by actively engaging in improv exercises. For the duration of your course, you can see Friday and Saturday Blue Door shows for free! This offer does not include any show that includes dinner.
Participants will develop improved communication skills by learning to use Yes/And, and Playing to the Top of Your Intelligence principles for lawyers to better convey their case narratives and making legal concepts more accessible to jurors.
Participants will gain the ability to set scenes and craft narratives that show rather than tell resulting in more engaging presentations.
Participants will understand the roles characters play within legal stories to create multi-dimensional characters in their presentations.
Participants will develop creative problem solving, enabling them to think on their feet and adapt to unexpected situations during case presentations.
Participants will implement the techniques learned in the course to capture the attention of jurors and create stories that make cases more memorable and persuasive.
Overall, students will leave the class with improved storytelling techniques and the ability to present legal cases in a more engaging and persuasive manner.

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