About This Event

Emissions reduction, adaptation, and the development of new technologies are all part of the climate toolbox. But is there also a place for global-scale technologies to push back against climate heating? Geoengineering by reflecting incoming sunlight is one tool that has been proposed. This lecture will consider some arguments for and against geoengineering at a time when climate concerns are intensifying.

About the speaker: Christopher J. Preston is the award-winning author of The Synthetic Age: Outdesigning Evolution, Resurrecting Species, and Reengineering Our World. His work looks at how contemporary developments in technology and ecology are changing how humans view their surroundings. He has written for The Atlantic, Smithsonian Magazine, and The BBC. His latest book, Tenacious Beasts: Wildlife Recoveries That Change How We Think About Animals investigates a number of recovering species and asks what they have to teach us.

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