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From hardscrabble days as homesteaders and farmers in the 1880s to becoming successful entrepreneurs of the postwar boom generation, Italians settled and later thrived in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Join us and author Tessa Floreano for her latest book “Italians in the Pacific Northwest”!

Saturday, November 18th at 7pm at Auntie’s Bookstore (402 W Main Ave).

This event is free and open to the public.
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About the book

Italians labored in several industries, including railway tie hacking in Idaho, coal mining in Black Diamond, logging in Aberdeen, canning salmon in Astoria, terra-cotta and brick manufacturing in Taylor, and growing onions in Walla Walla. Those who ventured into business later grew notable local companies such as DeLaurenti Food & Wine, Pacific Food Imports, Oberto Sausage, Napoleon Oil, and La Panzanella Crackers. Further still, Italians in the area contributed to inventions from the collapsible crab pot and trawl nets to the atomic bomb, the vaudeville circuit, the Pellegrini bean, and one-of-a-kind accordions. Italian pioneers in the Pacific Northwest also have a connection to Hemingway, Elvis, President Kennedy, Mother Cabrini, and the Loprinzis, the “strongest family in America.” Today, over 300,000 Italian Americans call this region home, and it is the author’s hope that this book highlights the contributions of many Italians, known and unknown.

About the author

Tessa Floreano is a content strategist by day, historical fiction writer by night, unless she’s gardening, practicing Friulan (her ancestral language), or riding alongside The Husband, on Vixen, her tricked-out motorcycle. She believes the secret to happiness includes curiosity, lifelong learning, and tales well told—but travel and tea help. She has journeyed to more than 20 countries and sipped tea in each one.

Tessa resides in the foggy-rainy-cool Pacific Northwest, though she makes regular research forays north of the 49th parallel to Vancouver (her former hometown), and east of Greenland to her true ancestral home, near Venezia. It helps to be a dual Italian-Canadian citizen, holding a U.S. green card, and having relatives all over the globe. All it really does is give her more work and research options, not to mention fodder for the tales she spins.

Speaking of which, she has a few of those up her sleeve so come back often for the latest musings on my blog or subscribe to my newsletter to get an update on my novels in progress, and other goodies. https://www.tessafloreano.com/

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