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Alex Gonzalez, more famous by stage name ‘King Lil G’ is an American rapper of Mexican descent best recognised for the single ‘Hopeless Boy’ (2014). He was raised singlehandedly by his mother; growing up without his father around reflects in his music. He had a tough childhood as he became a gang member, dropped-out of school, and also became a father. After spending time in juvenile hall and under house arrest, Gonzalez found solace in music and began writing songs. Inspired by the likes of Tupac and Snoop Dogg, Gonzalez resolved to build career in music. Over the years, he has spawned several albums and mixtapes, including ‘AK47 Boyz Mixtape,’ ‘Blue Devil Mixtape,’ ‘King Enemy,’ ‘90’s Kid,’ and ‘Paint the City Blue.’ Apart from his musical endeavours, the rapper also has a clothing line, ‘Sucios,’ and intends to direct films. He also promotes the ‘Sucio Movement’ for the empowerment of young people coming from shady environment.

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