About This Event

“VAULT” by Kelsey Brewer is an intimate, pitch black void, housed within a domed structure. Inside, somatically-connective technologies guide and support you to engage with an interior aspect of yourself and describe it in sensory terms. Informed by contemporary therapeutic techniques, neurology, hypnosis, and ritual practices, the experience aims to create an alternative to normal reality within which you can safely come into contact with something you might normally avoid, and integrate it into your normal consciousness. Synesthetic technologies including touch-based sound and sound-based sight interact with you directly to change, complicate and confuse your normal perception of your senses, and bring the interconnectedness of mind, body, and surroundings into focus. Balancing the surrender of control via sensory deprivation with empowerment exercised by self-determining the pace and outcome of your journey, VAULT guides you into a uniquely reciprocal relationship with technology and space that showcases their incredible ability to facilitate connection.

“GAZING” by Daniel Shieh is a 3-minute long immersive-experience inside a completely dark room that involves four or more participants. Before entering the room, participants put on earplugs and goggles that illuminate their eyes. Inside the room, participants walk around freely in darkness and silence, seeing each other solely as floating pairs of eyes. Because most characteristics that one would use to categorize a person will be subdued (such as eye color and skin color), participants will not be able to determine which person they are looking at; the act of looking at another person, often charged with an unequal power dynamic, is stripped of its power and replaced with a sense of mutual discovery.

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