About This Event

Come interact with out first round of art for our Summer residency program!
We have three installs, from three very different artists:

Kim Burgas:
“Selected for Success” looks to expose how our experience of nature is mediated by the process of commodification. Each plant within the exhibition is patented. The patent owners reserve the right to control the growth and distribution of these natures. The scenes interrogate nativism, othering, and ornamentation. Plant industry marketing speak such as “low maintenance” fabricates a dependency between plant and consumer. An automated irrigation system maintains these plants, creating an “artificial sustainability.”

Jarret Lin:
“Contexture” is a speculative sound installation on how different spatial environments influence our perception of noise and music. This investigation projects images of different environments onto the windows of 1st St while paired with different types of sounds triggered by people and cars passing by. This projects dives into the sonic discourse on the relationships between the systems of our everyday with auditory interpretation.

Caleb Foss:
Caleb Foss’ installation invites the public to create a collaborative drawing with an artificial intelligence. Using a web app based on the surrealist game Exquisite Corpse, participants contribute digital sketches using their finger or mouse. The AI generates its own sketches in response. A motorized machine draws the resulting collaboration onto a window. To make this project, Foss created an artificial neural network, which developed its drawing technique by analyzing fifty million doodles collected by Google. The technology is related to those used to translate language, predict the stock market, recommend media, target advertisements, set insurance premiums, and allege that individuals are involved in terrorist groups. Neural nets depend on unaffordable hardware and data too big for one person to observe.

Location: 515 W 1st Ave.

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