About This Event

We are excited to announce an amazing collaboration between local artist and crafters!

Our feature artist are:

Letty Laws:
Finding meaning and clarity amidst the chaos of existence in this life is an ever-evolving challenge. When I pour paint on canvas and let the freeflow take shape, I feel inspired to find further meaning in it. I see shapes and characters start to form and feel a sense of freedom and control at the same time. I work with what was given to me to ink out their contours and bring something I see to life.

Stevie McGuire
I am a local Spokane artist and mother. Thematic and surrealistic, my art aims to leave room for interpretation while maintaining elements of nature and the metaphysical experience.

Octopi Artist (Gail Davis), Emerging Northwest Artist
As the Octopi Artist, each of her eight arms represent a different concept. Acrylic pours create beautiful cells within the piece, while textured canvases allow the paint to flow and create interest. Resin is an amazing medium for Geode art with real crystals, ocean pours and tabletop designs. One of her most satisfying aspects of being an artist is meeting patrons and learning what they see in her art.

Our local vendors are:

Island Style Photo Booth
Jessica the Balloon Artist
Wild Wind Apothecary
Bauje Babe
South Perry Aesthetics
Light and Clay Ceramics
Ghost Thrive Studios
Spokane Sugar Candy

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