About This Event

Jesse Ré is a Spokane artist using acrylic pouring as a base to create mixed media art in a way that hasn’t been done before, incorporating epoxy, collaboration, collage, woodworking and more. With his eye and personal preferences as a guide, Jesse continues upon the path of the abstract on the way to clarity.

A close-up look at Jesse’s art brings into focus the cellular structure that is the very essence of physical being. Step back, and hidden images are revealed in each piece. Wear the 3d glasses (which are provided) and add an amazing field of depth and variety of experience!

As Jesse says: “My goal with this set is to feature crisp, clear cells and vivid contrast in striking compositions, inviting interpretation from the viewer.”

Stop by the Liberty Gallery in March to see his work ~ you can meet Jesse at the First Friday reception in the Historic Liberty Building at 203 N Washington on March 3 from 5–9pm.

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