About This Event

It’s First Friday time!

We hope you get out and see a bunch of different First Friday shows! There are all kinds of venues showing all kinds of artists. There’s a place for every taste and skill level. First Friday is one of the best things about Spokane!

We are super excited to bring back local legend Ric Gendron! If you’ve visited the MAC, then you’ve seen Ric‘s huge mural there. If you’ve driven down Lincoln Street then you’ve seen Ric’s massive reprints of musicians on the Ruby hotel. If you’ve been out to Liberty Lake then you’ve seen another massive, massive Gendron reprint out there.

Ric is one of those rarest of the rare artists: a full-time professional. Do you have any idea how incredibly difficult it is to become a full-time professional artist? It’s incredibly challenging. You have to nail every detail, from technical skill to work ethic to social relations, every single detail needs to be knocked out of the park to make it as a professional artist.

And Ric’s managed to do it for over 30 years! He’s been written about in the press over and over again and referred to as “one of the most important painters in our region”. It’s been argued that he is the most important. Check out Ric’s feature in the July edition of Spokane Coeur d’Alene Living magazine for more information.

We will be showing many new pieces, especially smaller pieces for those looking to start their collection of Ric’s work.

Ric is a great guy and a very hard worker. Come say, “Hi!” to him this First Friday at Marmot Art Space. Doors open at 5 PM!

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