About This Event

Visit Baby Bar for first Friday to see Renn Francis’ show ‘Love in the Time of Heteronormativity’ before it leaves at the end of February!

About the artist and the work:

‘Love in the Time of Heteronormativity is an expression of artist, Renn Francis, growing out of a fundamentalist Christian upbringing, leaving behind a past of abuse, and solidifying one’s identity.

In creating love & strangers, Francis photographed unfamiliar humans and collected their perspectives of love to show how people are different, yet very similar, in more ways than one.

Sea of hearts, a collaborative creation, is an immersive, heart floating installation. The varying sizes, shapes, and colors evoke love that comes in all different forms and feelings.

Renn is an advocate for women’s and queer rights, finding truth and expression from the world around her. Renn’s collection, Love in the Time of Heteronormativity, reveals a view of love that is satirical, assertive, and truthful in an age of the disease-like, societal expectation of heteronormativity.’

IG: @rennstagram
FB: @rennphotographyby

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