About This Event

Monica is a 19-year-old artist, who has been sketching and painting for as long as she can remember! She grew up in North Spokane with nine siblings and single mom — the house was (and still is) chaotic, to say the least. Monica graduated from Gonzaga Prep in 2019. A semester at Eastern Washington University convinced Monica that college is not her calling. She is currently choosing a life where she can focus on expressing myself, learn new things, and teach others, all through the medium of her art. She continues to create art, takes commissions and works part-time in a bakery. She has recently accepted a tattoo apprenticeship to explore another medium.
Monica’s Statement
Whether in the sand or on paper, inside a coloring book or on a canvas, I have drawn constantly throughout my life. It got to the point where I was essentially a pseudo-teacher in all my art classes, and was given free rein to do as I pleased. With every drawing or painting, I strive to try new things to improve my skill. An example of this is exploring every medium I can possibly think of; whether it be pen, pencil, ink, chalk, or watercolor, unfamiliarities and experiments are crucial to my enjoyment of art as a whole. Development is very important to me, and when I look at my art on the wall, I want to see something fresh, something different. I hope my mediums, my compositions, and my subjects effectively communicate my care for experimentation and my overall range. I hope my “eye” is visible, to put it mildly.

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