About This Event

Join in a night of fun and fantasy with your friend at Natural 20. The theme for this mystery night is a Sci-fi style event. All party goers will receive their character names and description several weeks before the party in their email before hand in order to plan or their costumes for their specific character.

Tickets includes a 3 course prix-fixe dinner with a starter, a choice of prime rib or salmon for the entree with 2 sides, and a dessert to polish off the evening. If you are a mug club member, your first two drinks are included in your ticket price.

Prizes will be given for Best Acted, Best Costume, and a pot of $50 in gift coins will go to the Murderer if they get away with it. If not, the person or people who guess correctly get to split it. Plus, there is always one secret prize for things like “Most suspicious” (aka the most voted as the murderer but didn’t do it) or “The most enthusiastic” or something relating to the theme of the mystery.

Please note that costumes are required and all guests must be age 21 and up to attend this event. For safety, all weapons must be fake (wood, plastic, foam) and shoes are required for costumes that might say your character is bare foot.

Are you interested? Heres some insite into the events that have taken place before the event is set to begin:

There’s a derelict space station near the edge of the galaxy. It was empty until Fishface Pesco from the Gillyx system opened “The Tavern at the End of the Universe” to serve as a stopover for the assorted nomads wandering in space. Some of them are strangely familiar to us Earthlings!

They include antiquated spaceship captains, lost hitchhikers, princesses with wacky haircuts, time-traveling physicians, absent-minded bounty hunters—humans, androids, furry creatures, amphibious types or any combination. They come here to rest, relax or maybe close a shady transaction in a private meeting room.

One night, a rowdy crowd gathers to hear the cantina band. The music stops suddenly when a body, spattered with what looks like blood, floats past the viewscreen. Fishface has been killed! He must have been ejected into space from the closest airlock, and no one had access except the people in this room. One of YOU is a murderer!