About This Event

Opening Reception
Friday, April 7, 2023
5 – 9 PM

“These paintings are inspired by things I see in my ordinary mornings – walks in nature, in my garden and in my daily life. I desire to create works of art that allow the viewer to “get lost” in the shapes, textures, colors, and spaces. In the same way that one might seek a peaceful heart in a bike ride, these works for me are an intersection between nature and spirit, craft and feeling.

I believe that observing nature is a vital way for people to understand the whole of the universe. I am a Game Warden’s daughter concerned with creatures and the outdoor worlds from microscopic to macro-view. While I explore other ideas, mostly my works are based in nature or in bringing nature “home” to observe. My work is contemplative and subjective, not purely illustrative or representational.”

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