About This Event

Showcasing visually stunning paintings by Matt Smith

Matt Smith is a self-taught contemporary artist residing in Spokane, WA. He works mostly in painting, but mixes mediums often and loves the thrill of experimentation. His murals can be seen all around the NW, notably the Stevens St underpass fish mural and the LC Fieldhouse Tiger mural. Matt has traveled extensively throughout the tropics, mainly SE Asia and Central America, and has always been drawn to the artwork from these cultures, as well as the dream paintings of Australia. Outsider art has had a major influence on his work and direction since he was young. He hopes to continue growing as a muralist and eventually rebuild and paint island homes in the storm-torn tropics, adding his vibrant aesthetic to the places that influence him and his passion most.

Matt’s work will be on display at Liberty Ciderworks through the month of March.

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