About This Event

Now More than Ever, We Need to Petal It Forward.

Join Bloem Flowers and Chocolates, Downtown Spokane and Palindrome LLP in Wednesday October 21 as we pay forward a little love. Watch for this latest “Kindness Crew” around downtown between Noon and 1:00pm and receive a bouquet for yourself and one to pay forward.

Nothing is more kind than exhibiting healthy behaviors, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and frequently washing hands and cleaning surfaces. Pay your kindness forward every day!

For the last five years, thousands of floral industry members in all 50 states have organized their teams on one day in October to take part in Petal It Forward, SAF’s goodwill initiative where participants hand two flowers or bouquets to an unsuspecting stranger, urging them to keep one and share the other with someone else. It’s a powerful way to illustrate the positive health benefits of giving and receiving flowers.

Given the isolation brought on by COVID-19, Petal It Forward is needed more than ever.

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