About This Event

“Roots” is a whimsical exploration into the wonders and design of seemingly common plants. There is a depth of beauty and awe that resides beneath the surface of our everyday lives, waiting for the joy of discovery. These plants serve as both metaphor for and window to that which is often unnoticed. This series has become a treasure hunt for local artist, Oriana Sage, as she forages plant life, unearthing incredible root systems, and using her pen to study every unique contour. “Roots” merges themes of strength and delicacy, the wondrous clothed in ordinary camouflage, and sweet simplicity with intriguing complexity. There is a harvest of delight for the soul as we slow down, listen, and engage with the ongoing melodies that spring up around our very feet.
Bring your friends and come by the lovely Express Employment Professionals building through the month of October to support and enjoy local art!

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